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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for all of the warm words of support
from our furiends as she goes through this process.  She was
worried when the process involved surgery
as the probable diagnosis could be bad depending on the
results of the biospy. The surgeon is going to remove the node on
right leg to do testing to see the cause of the swelling
through he said that it is a short with minimum recovery time.

YAWN it is tiring when it is the humans that have to
go to the V-E-T since this means nurse duties for the humans.
This is hard as they do not listen and do what is best for
themselves even when we try to make them as it serves their
best interest.  I am thankful she is a decent patient and does
not meow too much.


  1. Oh Willow, I am glad your Human has you to take care of her. Purring on her will help her through whatever comes her way. I will power-purr for her and my Human will do her best, but I'm waaaaay better.

  2. You are the best, Miss Willow
    Our cat's purrs is the best to heal everything even clam the human down. I still do paws crossed for only good thing happen to her, and lots of purrs still sending to your mommy
    hugs to you both

  3. Willow, you are the best nurse for your mom! We hope all goes well for her and she gets better.

  4. Your Mom is lucky to have you as her nurse. Purr power! I hope everything goes well and we are sending lots of purrs to your Mom!

  5. Willow, zillions of strong purrs to your mommy...and then some more. And prayers too.

  6. We are sure your cool paw on your mom's fevered brow will make her feel much better.
    We hope all goes well for your mom and we are doing special purrs for her.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. You are pawsome, gorgeous Willow. We are purraying for your mommy's results to be good. Love to all of you.

  8. Continued purrs and purrayers to your mom, Willow, that all will be well. Our mom will be going through lots of tests soon, so who knows...We might need to perform nursing duties too!

    Please keep us updated!

  9. Sending tons of purrs to your Mom Willow. We sure are glad she has you to purr over her and keep her all nice and comfy. We wish the very best to Mom. Take care and have a great day.

  10. We all purr, purr, purring for your Mom, make her listen to you!!!

  11. You are lucky you have a good patient, Willow. When my human is sick, she is terrible! I can barely stand to be around her.

  12. Sighs. They are very hard to take care of, aren't they? Fussy about taking meds, won't stay down for naps, it's just impossible. But we love 'em, so we do our best to be patient.

  13. Willow, we pray that your mom will be fine. We know she has the perfect nurse to take care of!!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly, Angel and Lilly

  14. Your mom is lucky to have such a pretty nurse Willow! We're purring for everything to go okay and for her to get well soon!

  15. Sweet Willow, we purring your Mom be okay. You take such good and patient care of your Mom. And manage to look so good while doing it. Take care, sweet girl.
    (((hugs)))) and kitty-kisses