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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Hunt: Symbolic

Normally I love to rest under the umbrella, but I 
decided to bitey the umbrella in a symbolic gesture
in response to the Hurricane.  Mother Nature has been
very temperamental lately by difficult weather for all of
our friends by drought conditions for some areas and
then this hurricane here so I am taking my furstration on this
symbol of the crazy weather with a twitch of my tail and a good bitey.

Then I gave a symbolic talk to the tail to the umbrella
so that it would not be bothersome and instead start to
behave.  The weather needed a talking to and one
way to do that is to express my displeasure at
a popular symbol of inclement weather.
What all of this bad weather taught Mom was
that it is good idea to have a plan as the 
historical has happened in the last week. So 
I am going over my plan with Mom and posting
 Zoolarty's graphic to keep provisions on paw as these
weird weather patterns persist.


  1. Good idea Willow to give that umbrella a good bitey so we can get this weather straightened out. We have our paws crossed really hard for the people in NC in hopes that the hurricane doesn't hurt them too badly. We also hope you have a great week end. Take care. Give Mom a cuddle Willow.

  2. Yep, I don't know who ticked Mother Nature off, but I sure hope it wasn't me!

  3. Umbrellas always enjoy a good bitey Willow - it makes a change for them not to be wet!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Good job putting the bitey on the umbrella! We are not looking forward to the hurricane here. Stay safe!

  5. Good idea, Willow! And you give that ums-brell-eya a good bitey for us too!

  6. PURRS2U put the bitey on that good! We don't like that Hurry-Cane either

  7. The poor umbrella! :) I hope Mother Nature is reading this!

  8. You're right as rain (pardon the pun) Willow! Better go put another bitey on that evil umbrella.

  9. Good post and good idea. Efurryone needs an emergency plan. Unfortunately fur us, our involves 3 PTUs (shiver). Purrs and headbutts to pretty Willow.

  10. Hi Willow
    Irene has been relentlessly hanging around NC. With his weird weather you new taken on preparedness is good. She is a big slow moving storm. Varying amounts of rain all over. We've had several dips in power. We've been turning the 'puter on for small periods of time. Luckily no dips whil we've been on it. My Sis and her hubby manged ok they don't have power yet an probably won't until tomorrow.
    Hugs Madi and MOm

  11. Oh Mother Nature!!!
    Read this post please!

  12. We think a good bitey is always a good choice!

  13. We like your symbolic gesture of giving that umbrella a's like giving Irene a bitey!!

  14. That's showing Mother Nature Willow! We sure hope efurryone on the east coast stays safe!

  15. HI!

    So cute and fun hum! Have a nice weekend and a lot of meow for you!!


  16. Willow, that is a fine gesture to Mother Nature!! We waited and watched all day here but everything passed by far! I've never seen a hurricane stay in one place for so long though! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  17. We are purring and purraying for all in the path of the storm.

    But I wonder: Did you bite a hole in the umbrella????

  18. Good on you, Willow! Show that storm what you're made of :D