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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Love

UPDATE 2:50 P.M:  I want to thank everyone for
the purrs and support it helps us very much.
  The news from the surgeon today 
was not good as they said it was positive and
made an appointment with an cancer doctor for my
Mom on Monday for a consultation.  They said the cancer
doctor could explain more about everything, but do
not panic as it is super-slow growing and high survival at
this stage.  We purr very happy about that and do not
know what else to say right now but purring purring lots of thanks.
I am giving some Tender Loving Cat (Care) to my
Mom as she gets ready to hear the results.
She got the call that they received the test back
when they reminded her about the appointment. 
We are hoping to pass this test with flying colors. 
I applied my purr power to her leg to encourage all
the positive energy reach the surgeon.  A purr goes a
long way to improving the chances of everything being okay.
I told her that answers are good things and that things
would be fine no matter what they say.  Love and
purring help and this way I was doing something for her.


  1. Purring is the BEST. As long as you are purring on her, she'll be able to cope with anything, Willow. We are sending purrs and purrayers, too.

  2. You are definitely right in what you told your Mommy. We are going to continue sending purrs and prayers to your Mom too. :) Keep us informed!

  3. purrsss & purrayers to your mom

  4. Paws crossed for your human, Willow! I think sometimes us kitties are much wiser than our humans believe us to be.

  5. As long as your mom has you there, Willow, everything will be just fine! Keep on purring!

  6. We are joining you in your purring, Willow, and hope you mom gets a good report.

  7. We are sending such big purrs to your Mom Willow. We know the results will be just great. We are crossing our paws too. Keep on taking such good care of the Mom. Have a good week end.

  8. We're all purring for your Mom too sweetie and we hope all is A-O-K!

  9. We will be sending purrs too. Don't you hate that you have to have an appointment to hear test results? Like the waiting doesn't cause more stress??? Sheesh...those people doctors are strange. Hope you get a good report!

  10. We are still purring for your Mom Willow - we hope she doesn't have long to wait to hear her test results. Be positive.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. You have done a wonderful job here, Willow. We hope and purray that your Mom gets good results.

  12. Hi Willow we are purring for your Mom too. We know it must have had a long week waiting for the results.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  13. We are purring and purraying for your Mom.

    Love to both of you.

  14. We're sorry to hear the news but glad it's treatable and we know your mom will beat it! We're sending her lots and lots of purrs!

  15. I´m sending my purrrrs and my prayers!!!
    Have a good weekend!

  16. Willow and mom, I'm sorry to hear this news but I'm really glad it's treatable. Together you can do anything! Purring for you!

  17. We are sending our best purrs and purrayers out fur your Mom. *nosetaps*

  18. We are so sorry to read of your news, Willow. Glogirly and I are keeping you and your mom in our prayers.

  19. We are sending lots of prayers, purrs and gentle woofs to your mom Willow. Lots of love and great big hugs, Debbie & Holly, Lilly & Angel

  20. We're purring for your mummy too, Willow. It's amazing what they can do these days: hormone treatments to cure all sorts of growths as well as the standard stuff that's now much more targeted and effective. We know we're going to hear good news soon. Keep purring for her, especially at 3AM when she's all worried, and tell her we're thinking of her.

  21. Willow darling I have been without my mommy to help me read. Mommy and I didn't now. We send ALL our love and support to both of you. You keep on taking care of mommy, sweet one. We'll halp you purr and pray.