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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rolling Around

It is an uneasy Sunday as I roll around in wait for
our turn with Hurricane Irene.  It has become smaller
in size, but it still has its bite.  I spent much
of yesterday under the table after Mom got home
from shopping as I did not want to invite Irene in
as a guest to our home on Sunday when she's been so rude
to the rest of the East Coast.

I have been weird with slipping in just opened closets
and dropping a bunch of books on the floor as
I meow my protest to Mom.  Mom thinks my different
 behavior was because there was too much activity
with the noise and moving of stuff from the neighbors.
As well as her getting ready to start back up with Grad
School next week and that a little bit of Fishy Flakes will
make me feel more purry and calm as we stay largely
technology free tomorrow with the high winds and rain so no
surges hurt the computer and other appliances. Purrs


  1. Hope you got your fishy flakes. We don't like a lot of noise either. It is very upsetting. Sounds like Mom's life is going to get busy. Hope all of you have a super day.

  2. We hope you all stay safe from that mean ol' Irene! And that you get some fishy flakes...yum!

  3. I wish Irene would go away and leave all of my friends alone!

  4. We hope you are safe from nasty Irene. Take care Willow and Willow's Mom.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I hope you and your mom ride out Irene okay!

  6. We sure hope that you and your mom are doing okay. We don't like noise either! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  7. We hope you and Mom are safe from Irene and cuddling in bed. We have LOTS and LOTS of fireworks now (and for the next few days) as the Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan. We aren't happy. At the noise, that is. :)

  8. We hope you got your fishy flakes and they helped. Storm noises bother some of us real bad. The rest, like Mumsy, just turns stuff off and sleeps! How they just sleep through it we don't know.