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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cat Talk Time

After all of the worrying news and still some uncertainty about Mom
I was glad to see that the Zoolatry Girls are doing a fun activity
so we can think positively until the next steps of healing her.  Mom loves to
talk cat talk with me as she refers to our time as pettings sessions
and my revving motor when I am making a lot of purring noises.

What we love best is the chin scritches as I always
demand a lot more by head boinking her and directing
her hand to the wonderful spot.  It makes me so very
happy and purry to get a good chin scritch as it is the
bestest thing and makes us both very happy.

Sometimes if I want a more gentle scritch I will
go for a the side as this is a tamer experience with
a more peaceful feeling of contentment.  When there
is a more Zen Mood it is definitely the way to go as
there is a more lazy type of scritching going on.


  1. Oops we forgot! This looks like a fun meme. Will check it out.

    We like the way you pull funny faces during your chin scritches.

  2. Ah, head boinking ~ isn't that the bestest?

  3. Mummy gives me the best chin scritches ever! And I purr up a storm too. :) Isn't life just great?

  4. That Cat Talk Time does sound like fun. I don't know if we will be able to do tonight or not. someone is painting my roof in the evening but I might be able to make it. I will try really hard.
    Willow, you keep loving on your Mom. She really needs you right now. We know you will take good care of her. She is going to be just fine. Sending tons of purrs.

  5. That some great cat talk! Us cats need a dictionary so the humans can figure it all out!!

  6. Aren't scritches one of the bestest things ever.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Hi Willow...a very nice post about you and your sweet Mom today. Mom and I send you lots of purrs and hugs.

  8. Willow...many snuggles and scritches and lovins to you..and your mommy too..but from you to her. :-)

  9. Scritches and head boinks are the best! Purrs to you and your mom.

  10. You are luckiest Kitty !!!!

  11. Mom's first kitteh was a head boinker. She really misses it. Your mom definitely needs to keep pawsitive thoughts and energy fur the days ahead. We're keeping her in our purrayers.

  12. Miss Willow, you are a true connoseur (even if we didn't spell it right) of scritches and pettings. We agree with you too, we sure were glad for the chance to do something up fun.
    (((hugs))) to you sweet Willow.

  13. Chin scritches are very very good, but chin brushies with my favorite brush are even better! Purrs to both of you girls ;-)

  14. Scritches are the best! We do a lot of head boinks too!

  15. It's funny how we cats generally seem to like one of two types of scritches - the 'ear scritch' or the 'where the back meets the tail scritch'! Either can make a cat uncontrollably flop to the ground, but most cats seem to have a preference for either one or the other! I am personally a ear scritch cat...hows about you guys??

  16. Excellent post! Your Mom's scritches look fantastic! We also love your hat picture, it does capture your purr-sonality purr-fectly! It is just gorgeous. We have been behind in visiting and just saw everything about your Mom. We are sending our biggest and best purrs your Mom's way and holding her in our thoughts for health and healing. Willow, you are an excellent nurse and we know that she will be fine in your good care.