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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coincidence or Fate?

I was going to talk about my new special spot when
I looked closer at the picture and noticed something odd.
The truck above this table was made and painted
by my Mom in 7th grade does anyone recognize a similar
theme in coloration.  Even way before I was borned
she had this split type of design for a school project.

Her initials are also painted a different color than
the one side with the brown in the middle of the truck body.
This is the similar pattern as my fursuit and she did not
realize it till now.  Makes me wonder if it was
coincidence or fate that led me into her life?


  1. Of course it was FATE! :) How amazing that your Mom kept her 7th grade project till now.

  2. Sure , It was fate !!! lead you to her life, and don't forget to lead her to da food bowl ! Have to make sure, its full : )

  3. Of course if was fate that brought you and your mom together Willow. Your mom must have liked school and her project brings her fond memories.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. It was just meant to be all along sweet one!

  5. WE are sure it was fate that you picked your Mom to be your assistant. It was just meant to be. We are so glad that you did pick that home. The mom really needs you to take care of her.

  6. I'll be contrary and say coinkydance.

  7. Its fate! All things happen for a reason. Thankfully, they lots of times are for good reasons.

  8. What a sweet post and Mom wre meant to be together for sure,
    hugs Madi

  9. Willow, we will go with fate!!! You were meant to be together!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  10. Seems like it was meant to be Willow!

  11. You were meant to be together, for sure!

  12. Definitely fate, Willow! You and your mom were meant to be together!

  13. You darling was meant to be. You and your mommy love one another just as me and my mommy do. Sometimes teams like youras and mine are formed and they are like gems...