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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feline Service Announcement-Cat Domination

Furiends I have news on our plan at world domination
we have serious competition from the dogs who
have recently purrsuded humans to use them in
mystery books.  Where we used to be the ones
with the knowledge and skill to guide the humans on the trail of the murder
in  these mysteries.  There are now some of the new works produced in the last year
that have dogs take over as those type of guides. 
This cover looks like it would involve a cat doesn't it,
but it does not through the book was still enjoyable read.
From the description we were not expecting a central
role for Honeybelle as she was the Aunts cat to
the main character, but besides over a few mentions. 
It then turns out the main character was 
allergic to cats and got a dog familiar instead named Mungo the Magnific
as a super smart guide that used to be our role.
The dogs are taking over our roles and just as we though there 
was victory in our cause with Sparkle birth month celebration
of Cat World Domination.  We need to keep due diligence to the
dog usurpers that do not take our place


  1. Hmph, I can't see that book ever selling very many copies. A dog familiar is totally not credible.

  2. MOL at Sparkle's comment. What kind of a name is Mungo, anyway?

  3. We are sure that book won't sell very well - after all dogs can't read!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Wow, a dog helping a human about dumb and dumber.

  5. You've got to read the right books. My Aunt Pauline has a new book out where the cats are the heros. It's called Trouble the Cat and you can download it from Amazon.

  6. Glad to know it has a dog in it. Mon will not be reading it. If we see it in the house, we will shred it!

  7. Seriously? What a silly idea for a book. The imaginations of some beans are astounding!

  8. As if some silly canines could usurp OUR rightful role as solver of mysteries! It takes a mysterious being to plumb the depths of a mystery, after all, not some numbskull with its tongue hanging out for heaven's sake! Geez.

    I am totally looking forward to World Domination Day, Willow ;-)

  9. I think domination will totally feline happen!!!

  10. Everyone who is anyone knows cats rule and dogs drool!!
    Madi your BFFF

  11. WE certainly do need to make sure that cats rule. Too bad about that book that the cat wasn't in charge. But glad it was a good read anyway. Take care

  12. How awful. Purrfectly awful! I never knew this thing until you told us, Willow. This must be rooted out. Immediately.

  13. Well, this is one book we won't let our mom read!