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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Over-Easy Sunday

I am enjoying an over-easy Sunday letting my tummy soak
in the Easy. But then I feel a presence of a hand wanting
to pet my tum. I am giving a bit of a look to Mom as I do not want to 
disturb my over easy as the tummy is truly inviting.Sometimes
I'm okay with a tummy rub, but not on an over-easy Sunday.
So I  put a paw over the tummy to continue my Over-Easy
in peace from Mom love and instead on continuing my nap.


  1. You have an amazingly obedient lucky cat, you!

  2. You gotta keep an eye on those humans when your tummy is exposed! They have no control.

  3. Enjoy your over easy Sunday, Willow.

  4. Oh Willow, you beautiful girl. xoxoxoxo

  5. I hope your over Easy was totally purrfect sweet girl!

  6. That could have been very uneasy for mom!! :) xox

  7. I hardly ever lie belly-up for JUST this very reason--the Humans just can't keep their hands to themselves and we have to be all smacky-paw in the middle of our Easy. Pfft.

  8. You tell her Willow! No toca nada or something like this.

  9. Hallo, Willow - thanks for coming to visit us in cold, snowy Jerusalem (though the snow has stopped now - it's just COLD).
    Caspurr loves have his tummy rubbed and petted but I (Trixie) have never purr-mitted such intimacies, even from my Mummy. So you stand furrm and don't take any nonsense from the Humans. Have a good week!

  10. Nothing like a lazzzzzzy day snoozing :D purrfect bliss!

    If mew'd like to have a little stroll on over to my blog at your leisure, I have a little pressie there fur mew.

    Bestest Tuesday purrs

    Basil xx

  11. That's a great looking easy, Willow! Tummies are so hard for humans to resist!