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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Detour

 I discovered a new route in the house it is a bit
of a detour rather than the straight path that went past the tv.
I used to go that way because I amintangible, but it
was not fair to Mom as it must be a special cat ability that
is she is unable to do, so in order to be a good girl I take this
more complex route to the warm box 

I get to do lots of jumping from the ground
to the bigger box where I measure before jumping
down to my ultimate goal, while doing something very
nice for Mom if she happens to be watching a show.
It might take a bit more work to go the long way around to
the box, but it is worth it and the best part is that I get to
hang out on the special box purrs. 


  1. Willow, that looks like a very special spot to snooze on. We see you have trained your human to accomodate it with nice blankies, too. Good job, sweet girl!

  2. The things we do for our humans, Willow! And they have no clue.

  3. Well, that route gives you a little more exercise...and you get to see more stuff!

  4. You end up with a nice warm box and blankie so it's worth it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I bet that is a very very warm place to sleep.
    As it's getting cooler here, we would love to have a place as warm to snuggle on.

    Want to scoot over?? :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  6. Hi Willow...are you telling me that magic box that my peeps have sequestered in a cabinet offers warmth? Dang girlfriend you are a smart cookie. I've never been allowed to get on top of it but you can bet your sweet purrs I will given an opportunity.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  7. That is much better and just how it should be pretty Willow!

  8. And as a bonus your Mom doesn't have to put on her x-ray glasses to see through you!

  9. Your Mommy must enjoy the special "entertainment" as you work on your route!

  10. That was quite a detour but we're glad it was worth it!

  11. That was very kind of you Willow to find a nice route around to the box. Good job. Bet Mom enjoyed that. Take care.

  12. A little work out before a nap can be good!

  13. It is awfully nice of you to cater to the needs of your Human for uninterrupted entertainment--but honestly, don't make a habit of this because then they just expect such accommodation ALL THE TIME and we really can't have that.

  14. That sounds like a good route to us, Willow. And just look at that great spot in the last picture. :)

  15. We understand totally. Humans can't smell all the good whiffies either that make a route so desirable!!