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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful this Thursday because I've
gotten a lot of cool stuff going on as part of the
Blogville Olympics there has already been a lot
of fun events.  And in a few of the ones I've been
in have already awarded all of us great athletes the gold
including the gymnastics event  
at Madi  and couch potato peeling with Lily Belle
In addition I have two awards to share one from Spitty
and the other I hope Madi's Mom does not mind picking
up this award as we were looking at the blog and saw this
offered for Moms who felt like her sister, which my Mom
feels very much purrs.

For these awards there is suppose to be seven
unusual things about me and interesting stuff about Mom
I will list four and let Mom list the other three
Willow: I told this before but it is really weird that my
fur turns various different colors sometimes more orange
and sometimes more black
Mom: Mom has flat feet with no real arch which is weird
for a human
Willow: While I am very flexible I have trouble with
jumping up and have to use several props to jump up to the cabinets
Mom: Mom never owned a car as uses public transportation
which is much cheaper to get around than driving
Willow: I sometimes listen to when Mom calls my name and come
to her so embarrassing
Mom: Mom never had a cavity paws crossed as she tries
to have good tooth maintenance
Willow:  I do not always meow at 0 ten O'Clock in the morning
as I let Mom sleep in
I am also thankful that I am one of the
16 finalist in synchronized snoozing that
is being hosted by The Island Cats.  I would
like to ask for some help with voting as I know
I would not win against Eric and Flynn, but I
would like to make a better showing than I am at
2% of the vote with 4 votes.  So I would be
very thankful for this support


  1. Woo hoo, we shall go across and vote for you sweet Willow. Our mummy has flat feet too :)xx

  2. Wow, lots going on with you, Willow! Concatulations on your awards! My human has the opposite problem with her feet - she has HIGH arches! And she did not even know that until last year.

  3. Congratulations on your awards, Willow! Mommy can't imagine moving around using the public transport available here. It's a nightmare!

  4. That's a lot of stuff to be thankful for, Willow! Congrats on your awards. And good luck in the Synchronized Snoozing competition! We think you are a worthy contender and hope you get lots of votes!!

  5. Good job Willow with all those awards. That Sisterhood award is really great. But then they are all terrific and we enjoyed hearing some more great stuff about you. Great post Willow. Take care.

  6. Congrats Willow, I enjoyed reading about you!

  7. Congratulations on the great awards, Miss Willow!! :) I love all the facts about you... and as a new follower, these types of awards always help me learn a little more about you!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  8. Concats on all those awards Willow.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. you precious girl. Concatulations on your awards. My mom also took the Sisterhood one. xoxoxoxo

  10. Oh Willow we are so glad you are participating in the Sisterhood mom has another sister and so do I
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  11. Concatulations on your awards, Willow! We're very proud of you, and happy to learn more about you. :)

  12. Concats on your awards! That was some interesting thing about you and your mom. There aren't too many people who don't drive, but they are good for the environment.

  13. Concatulations on your awards! We enjoyed learning more about you and your mom!

  14. I love your sleeping partner--I wish *I* had thought of that!! My Human is soooooo lame she didn't help me enter ANY events :-(

    I loved reading your facts XOXOXO

  15. We gave you our vote, Miss Willow! We also come when Mommy calls. So embarrassing...

  16. Just sayin'... as you are my only friend, it seems, who likes Doctor Who, you are now our BFF!! :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  17. Just wanted to let you know I gave you the “Versatile Blogger Award”.