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Monday, October 24, 2011

Meditation Monday

This couch has become my place for mediation as I can
wait for Mom there when she comes back home.  She
was happy to hear that I stayed out and even played with the
downstairs neighbor on October 20th as she felt proud.
Of course I had to wait until she got home to show her my
"present" by going to the litter box when she got home.
I know that Mom has to wait and go again to hear the treatment
so meditation helps me with kitty patience.

I am also meditation if I should ask her to do something
big for my birthday on October 31st.  She is busy, but
I want to do something even though it is not my real
birthdate as Mom choose it for me because of
my love of the holiday and Holloween colors. Purrs
to all of my furiends and have a peaceful week.


  1. We thinks Oct 31 is purrfect fur your purrthday! We luf your gorjuss colors! Haf a pawsome Monday, pretty Willow. xoxo

  2. Your Mom sure picked out the perfect date for your birthday! You certainly have Halloween colours but not the Halloween scaries. :)

  3. OMC ! Your Birthday is on Halloween !!!! What a cool day ever !
    I can't wait to your big day, Willow : )

  4. I think you should have a big bash for your birthday! Except no costumes, since 99% of kitties don't like wearing them.

  5. We agree. Meditation is very impawtant!

  6. Hi Willow! That looks like an excellent meditation place!! And we bet when you are done meditating, you can get a good nap in too!

    We would love to celebrate your birthday with you!!

  7. Good to see you, my beautiful furriend! Would you like to join The Ladies of Autumn, as you have such beautiful autumnal colours? Send your pic and a little story to Bess at bessthecat AT facebook DOT com.

    There is a Halloween party at Castle Felinestein hosted the by The Ladies as well. Please consider coming along as the birthday girl.

  8. We love the date your Mom chose for your birthday...and we think a pawty would be fun! Nothing fancy, and we kitties promise to clean up afterwards...after we meditate and have naps.

  9. Love that your birthday will be the 31st. Happy Birthday early sweet Willow. xoxoxoxo

  10. I heard that lots of humans and critters are going to dress up for your Birthday sweet one!

  11. Hi there Willow, so glad to see you again. Wow a Halloween birthday. What fun. You kind of look like a halloween cat with all your orange and black. How is your Mom doing?? Has she had any treatments yet?? We hope you both feel good. Take care.

  12. Hi Willow
    You were a good kitty to visit with your neighbor caretaker. We have been thinking of you and your sweet Mom. Purrs are still coming your way keep us posted.
    Hugs Madi

  13. We're glad to see you! We think that your mom picked the purrfect birthday for you! We hope you have a big bash to celebrate!

  14. Brilliant idea. Want a spider birthday cake?

  15. Meditation is great, and you picked a great spot for it! We love that your birthday is on Halloween. :)

  16. Purrs, Darling Willow! I say: Big Bash, no costumes. I mean, Ceiling Cat made us PURRFECT. We don't need no stinkin' costumes!

    My Human needs to pick a Birfdai for me--I have no idea when it is. Probably like June 1--does that sound like a good day? Yep. I fink so!

  17. We will have your Mom in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up with your love and purrs that is very healing.