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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ladies of Autumn

When we last posted Momo said that I should be a part of The Lady of Autumn
a group that formed by Bess the Cat.  This group celebrates our multiple
autumn colors. I proded Mom to enroll me before
she got busy so I could be a Lady of Autumn as a birthday present.

I am so happy to have been accepted into this wonderful
organization and am posting about it today as I wanted
to shout it out as my proud tortie individuality.  Mom was
so nice to do this for me and I have been a good kitty
and finally slept in the Hammock that she brought me for
my Gotcha Day through there were no pictures
as I meowed and walked away. 

I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday here
as Mom promised a little time to be able to go over
and party.  I am going have to set up the place to make
it nice as the guests will have stuff to do at my party.


  1. Lookin lovely as always, Willow. We thinks you are a great TLOA. Purrs and xoxo.

  2. Well, of course you should be a member - your fur is perfect for it! I am glad you are getting a chance to celebrate your birthday - I know your human has a lot to do.

  3. You are a wonderful "Lady of Autumn" with those pretty furs. We are delighted to hear that you slept in your hammick.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Your birthday is almost here! Woo hoo! Did you like your hammock?

  5. Willow, you are a beautiful Lady of Autumn! I was invited to join too, but the lady with the yellow hair has not submitted my application yet. I got to get on her!!


  6. Happy Birthday to you and concats on being named a Lady of Autumn. The cat that came before me was named Autumn cos she was a brightly-colored calico girl.

  7. Concatulationson being a member of the Ladies of Autumn! I'm a member too but my mommy has been slack on helping me do with with my fellow Ladies. We are looking forward to your birthday!


  8. You are just TLOA purrfect my dear!

  9. You sure do deserve to be TLOA. You are just purrfect for that. You have such pretty colors. We are sure enjoying having you back here. Glad you are having your birthday party. We sure will come. Have a great week end

  10. You are purrfect, a Lady and worthy of all the notice and accolades you'll have as a gorgwous Lady. xoxoxoxoxox Welcome,

  11. Hello sweet Willow! You are a gorgeous LOA, dearest! This House Panther is smitten!

  12. You are one beautiful Lady of Autumn. Such gorgeous, vibrant fur colour!!!!

    Please remember to come to TLOA Halloween Party.

  13. Concatulations on being a Lady of A! You are such a beautiful example.

  14. You look all winter snoozily darling :-)