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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thankful Tortie Tuesday

Hi it is me Willow I convinced Mom to write a blog post
as she got done with all her work earlier than expected.
I am grateful that you understood why I needed
to limit the amount of blogging that I am doing now as
Mom has a case of the busies and can not spend as much
time helping me with the obligations in blogging.

I should have know that  my furiends would be supportive
of this change in schedule.  We were just grumpy pants
because of the amount of stuff she was dealing with as well as the rudeness
of bus people.  This was the second time that a stranger made a
comment about Mom's peeling face and these individuals did it in such
an icky manner it made Mom sad because it is not like
she does not know this and it is a scary thing what the diagnosis.

We know that with this new schedule of reading three to five
books a week and writing papers that there will not be as much
visiting, but we know that you will be there when I do have the chance
to blog.  I am a thankful tortie girl to have such good blogging furiends.


  1. Humans can be very insensitive and hurtful. Funny thing is, they do not like it when it's directed at them...
    Anyway, keep up your loving and it will help your Mommy relax and feel better. Nothing like a good purring session to keep the blues away!

  2. Take whatefur time you need. Tell mom that stroking you will lower her stress level. (as if she didn't already know) Whisppy is right about humans. Too bad they can't be like us kittehz. Purrs and headbutts.

  3. Purrs to your human. It sounds like things are not easy for her right now, so even I cannot be too hard on her. Also what Prancer said about stroking you. It works!

  4. Purrs to your mom. Don't let the insensitive humans get her down. Just ignore their nastiness. Go on kitty therapy if it all gets too much :).

    We all understand how sometimes blogging has to go on hold. Just let us know how you are doing from time to time. We needed to do that occasionally in our 3-4 years of blogging too.

  5. Hi there Willow, good to see you and your Mom. Sorry those people are so mean to her. Sometimes people are just awful. That is why she has you Willow. No problem with less blogging. We understand purrfectly. Take care and tell Mom not to work too very hard.

  6. Willow, we can't believe how rude humans can be sometimes. But your mom is lucky that she has you to take care of her and make her feel better.

    We understand how things can get real busy too...our mom is going through one of those times right now too and probably won't be able to help us visit much either.

  7. Miss Willow,
    I'm so sorry to hear whom your mom had to deal with. But like everyone said she may have to ignore them for her own good. You know what ? If someone did that to my mom, she deleted that comment straight away ! ( My mom delete 2 type : Rude and Advertising ; ) It's my blog. no one can mess up with me..My mom hiss before me..tee..hee

    Anyhow, I purrs more for your mommy, I hope she feel better soon.
    Big Hugs for her

  8. We're sorry there were some ignorant humans on the bus - we are doubling our purrs for your mum and if it happens again tell her to stamp on their feet.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Purrs to your mom, Willow. Humans can be terribly, terribly cruel to those of their own species, as well as those of other species. :-(

    Those unkind people are earning bad karma points, though.

    *Kitty kisses* to you for being such a wonderful companion to your mom!

  10. Tell Mom not to pay those goofy humans no mind, after all, we don't, so she needs to follow our lead! So nice to see you and what a pleasant surprise!

  11. How wonderful to hear from you, Willow! Sometimes humans are just plain stupid what with their insensitivity and all. It's great that your Mom has you to purr all the badness away.

  12. Just take the time you need, Willow. We all understand! Tell your mom to forget about those horrible humans...the people who really matter wouldn't say such nasty things anyway.

  13. Willow, I am so sorry that people were hurtful to your mom. Some people are just awful. I agree, stroking you will make her feel better. We all understand that you can't be around so much -- sometimes it's just too busy. We love you both!

  14. We're right here if you need us, Willow, and we're here for your mom, too.People can be so mean, have to say something about everything and everybody without thinking how it would sound.

    We're pleased as punch any time you want to post. We'll just check in periodically to hear from you!


  15. Willow, it's great to see you. We totally understand not being able to blog and not having the time. We stay so far behind on everything that we have thought about just giving up completely. We also actually run out of things to write on our blog. With doctor appointments and other things to do, time goes by so fast and it's hard. As far as the mean people...there are really mean ones out there and sometimes it's enough to get you upset. People can be really cruel. We hope you stay well and stay in touch because we love you. Lots of love and hugs, Debbie & Holly

  16. Willow, I was so happy to see you this evening and it made my evening better seeing your beautiful self. You take time if you need to, sweet girl and we will all be right here waiting, cause we love both of you. I told you that kinda sorta a month or so ago.

    It's hard to not hear hurtful things and each of we humans have gone through such things in our time here on earth. But know that what your mom heard is ignorance and brutishness..and that most people are NOT like that. Tell her to come home to precious you and hold and love you. She is NOT defined by ignorant brutes on buses or anywhere else.

  17. We're glad to see you Willow and glad that all is well with you and your mom! We're sorry that other humans were hurtful to your mom. Those kind of people aren't worth worrying about since we know what a beautiful person she is because she loves such a beautiful kitty!

  18. Tell your Mom that sometimes other humans can be big jerks, just ignore them!

  19. People is so unkind sometimes. Those dumb people who say stupid stuff prolly haz bad things of their own to worry about and they just take it out on others. It is too bad.

    You know, they should pay attention to us, Willow. They could learn some things. We are never MEAN to each other (well, we fight a-course and spit and hiss, but it's not personal.) Maybe your Mom can try to think of that rude guy as just another hisser.

    You are taking eggs-sellent care of her. My Human has teh busies these days too, and we are also having some computer troubles, but we is still out here purring for you. Nosetaps!

  20. Willow and Mom!!
    FIRST of all YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY we are glad you are back...we just adore you and mom and your blog. We'll always be here for you.

    As for stupid people...well there is no accounting for them. They will always be stupid and there is nothing you can do expect just walk away. God bless you and mom and know we think of you each day,
    Madi and Mom

  21. Tell your mom just to ignore the big meanies!

  22. Hi Willow! You show us who was meanies to your wonderful Mom and we'll go whap 'em! We don't likes mean stupid people like that! We wuz you and your sweet Mom! (((hugs))) and kitty kisses to you Willow Mom! Just ignore those dumb people, they not worth the worry.

    (((hugs))) Willow!

  23. Some people are so rude! We are glad she has you to take such good care of her, Willow. Big hugs to you both! :)