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Friday, September 9, 2011

MO-Cats Day

Before I started blogging there was a hissy human
that wanted to stop cats from being on the internet
and tried to declare a No Cat Day.  As you now we
cats have claws and it was declared that instead every
year on 09-09 that it was MO-Cats Day.
I will celebrate MO-Cats Day by inquiring for
MO room for the Cat living here.

I have meowed about the roadblocks in the room before,
but there has to be a better way to provide ample room
so things are not impeding my way.  I know that this puts
the books in the same room so Mom does not have to travel
far, but there are other alternatives to put the reading than in
the purrfect little retreat.

She could use the bookcase in the main room to put
the stuff even if it is more inconvinent instead of just using it
for library books.  A bit of room is better even if there are
all of these straps to play with from the bags that are put in my
way.  I measured the bookcase and there is space for a bazillion
books so there would be MO room for this Cat.


  1. We would haf already torn every piece of paper to bits! You show alot more restraint than us! Mo room is always desirable. Espeshully when sleepin wif the mom. Hahameow! xoxo

  2. I agree, Willow - my human needs to give me Mo room on the desk so I can more easily supervise her!

  3. Good to see you're being proactive on Mo Cats Day!

  4. That's a good way to spend Mo' Cat Day. Did your Mom do as you suggested?

  5. Can't say I need MO room since my SS always make room for me wherever I want.

  6. We hope she makes room for you there...Happy Mo' Cats Day!

  7. Willow sharpen your claws and start shredding any papers that are in your way - it is your home and you allow your mom to share.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Happy Mo Cats Day, today and every day!!!

  9. Happy MO day sweetest Willow. You are looking very beautiful and you have good ideas for your mommy!

  10. We think the whole house should be designed to make Mo room for us kitties! Happy Mo Cats Day to you Willow!

  11. Willow, we think it's time for ramps and elevators! Anything for MO ways to get around.

  12. Of course she should make MO room for you there, Willow! :)

    Happy Mo Cats Day to you and your mommy!

  13. Willow, you are always the smart kitty with a plan! Even down to measuring it out! We are so proud of you. We think your Mum should be already moving those things out of your way.

  14. Happy Mo Cats Day!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  15. Honestly, what do people need all this STUFF for? I mean, they have US--what else do they need?

  16. Hi Willow and Mom, We are thinking of all our furiends today and wanted to say a special Hello! Hope you are having a cozy day together!

  17. Target makes MO room by throwing everything on the floor that's in his way.

  18. Hi Willow! Hope you have managed to clear space for all your important purposes. Really--what's more important than YOU? Nosetaps ;-)