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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

For this Tortie Tuesday I am trying to stay on my
back without the help of a barrier and I almost got it.
I got tons of treats and pets after doing this move because
I trained my Mom to do that when I try to turn over.

Mom is going to be gone almost the whole day.
After work she has to go to the human V-E-T
to figure out what type of skin condition she has
after ten years of no clear answers.  I confort her and tell
 her not to get upset over not knowing.  I purr that it
must not be too bad if the rest of her is healthy.
Still these tricks are a way to get her mind off the problem of
not knowing.


  1. Good luck to mom at the H-Vet and we wish you a very happy Tueaday!
    xoxo Lars and James

  2. That is a great trick Willow. We will have to practice and see if we can do that.You sure have a gorgeous belleh. Hope Mom finds out what is wrong with her skin. Take care.

  3. Gees, we don't get treats for doing that. You're lucky, Willow!

    Good luck to your mom at her v-e-t!

  4. That is good of you to take care of your mom. I wish her good luck at her v-e-t and hope she can get some answers!

  5. Looking good! Purrs for your Mom. My Mom has had chronic hives pretty much everyday for 20 years so she understands how frustrating a skin problem can be.