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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Couchway Stroll

When I am in the mood for a leisurely stroll I go on
the couchway.  There are many places to go and things to do on
this journey with all of the cushions available for play or else
just time to take it all in and enjoy a happy.
As you can see my tail is super wagging as I really enjoyed
the stroll on the couch.  It gives me a different perspective of 
the room and with the couchway I can take the time to really
appreciate the surroundings and take it all in.
After the stroll I like to sit and relax and sometimes
get a little pet if someone is sitting on the couch.  This
is when the couchway is the best cause there are then
plenty of attention which makes the journey ten times better.


  1. I love couchwalking too! You couch looks like way more fun to walk on, Willow - ours is not exactly what anyone, human or cat, would call comfy.

  2. That's very smart ! Willow
    And I guess you get a cuddle as well : )
    Happy Sunday

  3. It looks like your couch walkway is quite extensive and you can get a lot of walking well as lots of attention!

  4. You have a very versatile couch, Willow :) Have a great day xx

  5. You sure do look very pretty on your couch sweet Willow!

  6. Willow, THat lookes like a very nice Sunday Stroll!!

  7. Your couchway is just ACE, and the way you walk it, well, STUNNING.

  8. You sure are a good couch walker, Willow.Good for you and what a smart girl to get some extra scritches. Happy St.Patricks day to ya. Have a great day.

  9. O'Willow my sweet friend Happy Happy St. Patty's day and I wish I were there to stroll with you.
    Hugs your BFFF

  10. Hello there, willow. That couch sure looks comfy. Happy sunday! =)

  11. We like walking on the couchway, too! :)

    Happy Sunday, friends!

  12. We totally agree - the couchway is the BEST!

  13. You got a nice big couchway too! Happy St. Patrick's Day from Pope Keisha.

  14. Hmmm. *I* do not even HAVE a couchway any more--or a couch at all!! We have a "bench" (soooooo uncomfortabuls!) and a couple of easy chairs (comfortabuls but no walkways).

    I miss our couch.

  15. We have a couchway but as Mum always sits in "her" chair we just pile on her knee when she sits down!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Would you believe we don't have a couch to walk on!? Mommy and Daddy have 2 single recliners which doesn't have much room for walking. Hrrumpff.
    Love how straight your tail was in that first picture. :D

  17. Miss Willow, you are a kitty after my own heart. I love walking along high places, especially on banisters. The mom calls it the Kitty Super Highway.

  18. Hey Willow! Still busy on your "couchwy" I see ;-) You need to get your Mommy to help you post again! XOXOXOXO