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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Famous Doppelganger

Out there in cat dome I've got a famous doppelganger
Mom was getting a birthday card for her Grandma and
found this one with a picture of my doppelganger isn't she
pretty and except for a little more black and an opposite
mask she is just like me.

This means that I am famous by proxy as peeps give this
card for birthdays and  get to met this tortie beauty that grace
the birthday cards.  Isn't this most pawsome.

I really enjoyed inspecting her before Mom sent the
card in the mail I was a little bit jealous that she was
so close to a fishy, but all in all my doppelganger is a real
cool cat.

Also I had to give her a little bitey as a sister to 
ensure I had my own mark as a famous tortie
in my own right. Mew!


  1. We are sure your Grandma loved the card, especially the bite marks!

  2. Your Paws Printed in the card will be lovely : )

  3. What a cool card! And you are famous in your own right, Willow - lots of kitties know YOUR name, but nokitty knows your doppelgänger's name.

  4. Wow, it's like you looking in a mirror! That is a great card.

  5. That is so cool and it really is totally you fur sure!

  6. How wonderful! And so cool that you got to *sign* the card too!

  7. Well done on putting the bitey on your doppelganger!

  8. We have to agree, you are famous on your own Willow. You have such great color of your furs. But that is a very nice card. Take care.

  9. Wow...we know a real life celebPURRty! Willow we think you are even prettier.

  10. Hi Willow
    You have always been famous in our book...what a great b-day card and such a resemblance too.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  11. You know, I know what you mean Willow. It seems (although I am loath to agree, really) that 99% of Black Cats look alike so anytime I see a picture of a black kitty I say, There I am! The Human always says, No, Spitty, it's not you, but I just think she's a real buzz-kill.

  12. Mowzers, Willow! Maybe it's the mirror image of you since the mask is on the other side...! You're FAMOUS!

  13. You are prettier than that other kittie.

  14. That looks an awful lot like you, Willow. And how nice that you got to sign the card!

  15. Of course, the original is always a little more beautiful than the copy. Oui Oui bites cards she sends out too!