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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Failed Cat-O-Flage

I was trying to blend in without being noticed by
Mom, but I guess i have not studied up on my
cat-o-flage with the blogging break so I was easily
found my Mom to take a picture of my floofy white belly.

So I moved to a different part of the bed in order to burrow
under the blankets so that I would be more hidden.
This is something that I will have to work on as
cat-o-flague is an important kitty skill that one must have
or my cat card might be revoked.


  1. No worries, you're curled paws are so darling, cat-o-flague is not a problem!

  2. Awwwww, we think you are doing a good job there :)xx

  3. Cat-o-flage does take practice, but it is so gratifying when your human cannot find you, so keep working on it!

  4. Well, we're kinda glad it didn't work for you so we got to see your cute belly!

  5. Well I think you look darn comfy and that is impawtant too!!!

  6. Willow you'll miss out on lots of kisses if you hide too well.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh those paws...all 4 of them..and that tummy. Oh my word! Mom is all fainty looking at those.

  8. Willow, your Mom must be more obliging and purchase blankets with your coloring in mind.
    We are so happy to see you back blogging, and thrilled that your Mom's treatment is working...HURRAH!!!!

  9. WE are glad we could see your pretty tummy!

  10. That is a really good job Willow of hiding or at least trying to hide. You sure do blend in with those blankets. Have a really Happy Memorial Day

  11. MOL Willow
    You and I need to dye our tummy furs another color! White even shows up in the dark.
    I am so glad your mom has finished all her studying. Now she can study you full time
    Hugs from you BFF

  12. I don't think your cat card will be revokes, Willow.