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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Heights

I love my new Cat Tree that I got a while to replace
the frayed one.  It waited until a good deal, but it was
worth it as there are different areas to explore with some
balls on the top that I like to play with as well as the
two areas that I could nap on.

Mom does not know how I stayed on the top of
the narrow tower with little room for my four paws.
I am trying for new ways of playing and it is more fun
way to get on high to go after all four of the balls.  I
also rub my cheek against the stick and this is done best
in this pawsition.

I miss everyone so much and hope in the next few months
that I will get to blog more once Moms treatment is
 no longer three times a week over an hour away. 
We spend some quality time with each other and 
it is starting to work a little as her skin looks a little bit better
Purrs to all my furiends who check on me even
when it updates are so few. 


  1. Wow cool new tree! I don't know how you're standing on that spot either....
    Hope your mom feels better soon!!

  2. I am glad to hear that your human is getting better! The past few months must have been rough. I love your new cat tree!

  3. This kitty tree look reallys cool, I guess only smart kitty can play cause 3 balls can make you confused !!!
    and it's good to hear your mom is getting better. Purrs more for 100 %
    Many Hugs and Purrs

  4. Your new tree is very cool!

    We're sending purrs to your mom, for continued improvement.

    *Kitty kisses*

  5. That looks like a fun tree, Willow! And we hope your mom feels better soon!! We're still purring for her!!

  6. Hi there Willow and Mom. That is a really great looking cat tree. We are glad that Mom is feeling a little better. We miss you Willow but understand that Mom is very busy. We hope the treatments make her feel better. Take care both of you.

  7. We are delighted to hear thst your Mom's skin looks a little better - it is a long way for her to go for the treatment but if it makes her look and feel better it will be worth it.
    We love your new scratch post and how clever of you to scratch your cheek on it like you do.
    Take care Willow and Willow's Mom
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Yeay that the treatment is helping your Mom!
    Your new scratch post look like so much fun, though I'll probably fall off while trying to bat at the ball. MOL.

    Love, Cosmo

  9. Hi Willow...oh it is so good to hear from you and Mom
    We've been by every day since Jan 7 looking for an update. Your new cat tree is most what is your secret to standing on the very tip top?
    Hugs from your BFF,

  10. It is more important to take care of Mom than to blog every day! WE do enjoy your posts when they come! Love the new tree!

  11. Your new Cat Tree looks like it is a lot of fun...WE know how you can balance up there but we'll never tell!
    13 Tails straight up that your Mom's treatments are working...we'll keep purring.

  12. Great tree you have there. Glad to hear your Mom's treatments are working. We send lots ofpurrs.
    your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties

  13. That really is a mighty fine tree you have there! We are all sending continued purrs to your Mom and we've been missing you!

  14. You are good balancing on that cat tree! It looks like a lot of fun!

  15. Purrs to you and mom amd lots of love to both of you and from me and mom. I want to be your new firriend. xoxoxox

  16. Aww, hi sweet Willow and Mommy! That's a pawsome new tree! It seems furry mysterious--I can't quite visualize the whole thing. Your Mommy should take a picture!

    We are sorry your Mommy has to drive so furry far to her treatments but really good news that things are looking better already :-) XOXO

  17. Hi sweeties, We just a-membered what that thing looks like: a clothesline! Ha ha ha!

  18. You are so talented, daring. A real dare devil kitty!

  19. I was gonna ax how your Mommy is. That's some cool cat tree. Looks like a lot of us got new trees this year.

  20. Willow, thanks for stopping by on my Gotcha Day! Glad you are enjoying your new cat tree and the time cuddling with your Mom. Our continued purrs for your Mom, hope you have a nice weekend.

  21. Hi Willow and Mommy, Hope you two are having some cozy times together. Spring is coming XOXOXO

  22. How fun! That cat tree looks PAWSOME!

  23. So good to hear from you! We luf your new tree. We are purrin and purrayin fur the Mom. xoxo

  24. Hi Willow. I hope your Mom is doing pawsome because I just gave you the Pawsome Blogger Award. xoxo

  25. Hi Willow--Yay! CK gave you an award! You *are* pawsome & so is your Mommy. Nosetaps XOXO

  26. Hi Willow, you look like you are having fun playing on that tree. We hope everything goes well with your mum and her treatments.

  27. Just popped by to say we hope you're both well...

  28. Just dropping by to say hello and belated Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you are both doing well XOXOXO ♥ ♥ ♥

  29. Oh Willow this is excellent work! Can I use the pictures for my cat-a-lympics book?